With the interiors of our apartments and communal areas, our designers have achieved an eloquent articulation of contemporary living. Using meticulously chosen materials and finishes, light, colour, texture and tone blend harmoniously to create an atmosphere that both uplifts and calms. Each home will feature zero waste solutions and modern technology so that you can keep growing and succeeding while enjoying the beauty of nature. Effortless living means doing what you love while the rest is taken care of.
All residences have wide openings for plenty of natural lighting and ventilation while offering unobstructed views to the city
Enjoy underfloor heating and a state of the art energy recovery ventilation system
Ground floor apartments have direct access to the garden
All residents of Paradise Quarter will have access to a contemporary state of the art gym ideal for yoga and workouts. Residents have the option to also book 1:1 training classes with an experienced personal trainer or in groups of 2-3 people, exclusively for residents and their friends. Paradise Quarter will also offer a spacious and modern co-working space, where residents are welcome to work from or host business meetings by booking the space easily through the Paradise Quarter app.
Residents will enjoy access to a state of the art gym ideal for yoga and workouts.
As a resident, you have access to the modern co-working space where you can host business meetings or work
Whether you are away on holiday or stuck at the office, or whether you are enjoying a workout with friends at OAKA Olympic Sports’ Complex, being a resident at Paradise Quarter means that you can be in constant interaction with your home. All residents will be able to download the Paradise Quarter app on their smartphones through which, they will manage to control their appliances remotely, turn the lights and heating on/off remotely, monitor security and energy consumption levels or even receive notifications regarding the state of their homes. When the house is handed over to you, you will also receive a detailed house manual. This manual will include all the specifications and instructions for using all the systems and materials in your new home.
Control the lights, appliances and heating remotely through a simple and easy-to-use app
Whether you are on holiday or at the office, our virtual consierge is available to help 24/7
Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and as such, Paradise Quarter will be one of the first BREEAM rated residential complexes in Greece. BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It recognises and reflects the value in higher performing assets, by assessing their environmental, social and economic sustainability performance.
Paradise Quarter will be one of the very few BREEAM certified residential complexes in Greece

A BREEAM rated building contributes drastically in the reduction of energy and water consumption while ensuring better air quality in all of its spaces. This means BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, help protect natural resources and make for more attractive property investments.

Paradise Quarter’s system ensures conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.. Solar power is pollution-free during use while at the same time it lasts longer.

Paradise Quarter’s solar collectors for hot water are connected to each apartment’s boiler ensuring both availability of hot water throughout the day and less energy needed.

The heat pumps of every residence will provide high-efficiency cooling in the summer and efficient heating in the winter, as well as hot water availability in case of increased need.

Establishing practices that eliminate waste.

Paradise Quarter consists of two residential buildings with thermal insulated facades, providing the necessary resistance to heat flow and transfer, thus reducing heating cost and improving the residents’ environment during winter and summer months.

Thermally broken aluminum windows and balcony doors conduct heat and noise many times slower than normal ones while ensuring durability and lower cost energy bills.

We bring natural gas to your kitchen. It is up to each residents whether they want to use it for your cooking. Gas allows you to cook more delicious food, ensures that the food is cooked evenly, and it is proven to be more cost-efficient.

Low-E windows help reflect heat and improve windows’ thermal performance, lower heating and cooling costs, allow natural light inside and work in almost any climate while being cost-effective, non-toxic and long-lasting.

A car charger will be found in every single parking space.
Low-E windows help reflect heat & improve windows' thermal performance, lower heating/ cooling costs
All residents will have access to electric car charging stations